Our Equipment

We’ve invested in some great equipment at Killaprint to produce high-quality and consistent output.  Having such a wide variety of kit allows us to make many different products in-house.

Our main arsenal of in-house kit includes:

Xerox Versant 80 Press

Our main production printer – the Xerox Versant 80 Press is our go-to machine for leaflets, business cards, posters (up to SRA3), digital labels (stickers) and more…  With its built-in booklet maker, we can make booklets, calendars and cards.  The V80 has an external Fiery RIP for job management and paper/colour calibration.  On a support agreement, the V80 delivers excellent results time and again…  Our V80 is always in use!

Graphtec CE7000

If you want to cut vinyl professionally, you get a Graphtec – so we did!  Our CE7000 is used to cut all the stickers we produce (1000’s per week!), as well as vinyl letters and designs.  We’ve replaced the stock 45º blade with a tighter 60º blade for more accurate cutting.  With tight drift tolerances and a built-in barcode job scanner, our CE7000 produces accurate cut jobs again and again.

HP Designjet Z2100 Photo

Relatively new to us, replacing an older Epson T3000 – our HP Z2100 Photo is a 44 inch wide (A0+) wide-format photo printer, with an 8 colour pigment ink system delivering excellent results on a range of photographic, canvas, banner and poster papers.

If you order photo prints, or wide-format CAD prints, large posters, A-frame prints, or even pull-up banners, this is the machine your job will print on.  With it’s built-in photo-spectrometer for auto generation of ICC profiles, colours are bright and vivid!

OKI Pro 7411WT

Our OKI White Toner printer (the WT part of the name) is a 4-colour CMYW laser printer for printing white + colour when required.  Originally bought in 2020 just for printing t-shirts with transfer paper, this printer is more and more used for transparent polyester stickers where white is required in the design.  It has external RIP software for colour and white channel control.

Konica Minolta C308

Our “office printer” with a twist!  As well as being used as a photocopier and office printer, it’s SRA3 capable and also Fiery controlled for colour and job management – meaning it can be used for light production duties too.  If you order book printing from us, and the insides of the book are mainly black text – this is the machine your book will be printed on (although the cover will be printed on our Xerox Press).  Document printing and print-and-post jobs are also done on this machine.

Silhouette Cameo 3 Grey Edition

Our original sticker-cutter-machine, the Silhouette Cameo 3 Grey Special Edition is now used to cut card for craft jobs, as well as smaller vinyl letters.  With a large 12″x12″ cutting mat, we can cut small boxes, stencils, and card words.

Ideal 4315 SRA3 Guillotine

Our SRA3 guillotine / stack cutter – used every day and for almost every job that goes through the print shop!  Cuts paper to size, and trims bleed areas off printed materials.

Galaxy Business Card Cutter

One of those time saver gadgets – really useful for short run business card runs, our Galaxy business card cutter gives accurate and repeatable results time and time again.  Once business cards are imposed and printed on the right template, just feeding sheets into the cutter spits out 85x55mm uniform cards.

Rayson Spiral Binder

Anything spiral-bound is notched and bound with this.  We can spiral-bind up to 100 sheets at a time (200 pages) although we can go higher if required.  We have a selection of spirals in different sizes depending on the number of pages in the book.  As a rule, anything over 20, 24 or 28 pages requires alternative binding for best results – we currently only offer spiral as the alternative, but we’re always open to new ideas!

Sterling Padding Press

Used to make NCR pads, notepads and tear-off invoice books.  Padding presses are surprisingly expensive for what they are, but are an invaluable bit of kit for making sure the glue goes on correctly and all the sides are flush.

LaserPecker 2 Laser Engraver

One of our newest bits of kit – as one of the original backers on Kickstarter we backed the LaserPecker 2 with no idea how we’d integrate it into the business!  So-far we’ve used it for personalising glasses and etching wood, but we have near-future plans to offer personalised engraved pens, so watch this space!

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